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     Ningbo Fangzheng Tool Co., Ltd.

    Employee Benefits
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    Employee Benefit

    Apartment equipped with air conditioner, water heater, WIFI, TV and separate wash room (provided bedding free);
    8 hours, one day rest a week;
    Provide five social insurance and one housing fund;
    Subsidiaries: meal, hot weather, festival, transport, communication fee, baby birth, water and power, housing, birthday, travel, training, vocation with salary and physic test;
    Employee from province other than Zhejiang can have travel fee reimbursed;
    13 salaries and benefits and outstanding team award;
    Adjust salary in March or September in company level each year.
    HVAC equipped in workshop;
    Trade union holds various cultural and sports, tourism, outdoor training activities frequently.
    Fangzheng News
    • Military drill
      Military drill
    • Flag-raise ceremony
      Flag-raise ceremony
    • Inauguration ceremony
      Inauguration ceremony
    Employee Events
    • Outdoor activities
      Outdoor activities
    • Basketball
    • Tug of war
      Tug of war